Sunday, March 30, 2008

Layover in HK

Hi there! Currently in HK for a 3 hour layover before continuing on to SF. I only had a few hours sleep last night, I am so tired. Keeping my fingers crossed that there won't be any screaming babies around me on the long flight...

Just saw a friend's online album of my going away dinner party. My gad, I couldn't stop laughing! I wish I could share it in this space, but there are some people who won't like it... :-) To my friends who came to the despedida party, I shall miss you guys!!! You made my stay in Manila so unforgettable. You guys are the best!

It still hasn't hit me that I am moving back to the Bay Area. But I'm sure once I near SF, my heart will pound with excitement. As many more adventures await.